Sub ST

Anything But Tranquil

The entire world was breathless this past weekend as a Russian submarine sat helpless at the bottom of the ocean. In a miraculous rescue, British armed forces were able to free the desperate vessel from its underwater predicament. Just now details of those final hours before rescue are coming to light.

The captain of the sub, Sergei Kovelevsky explains via an interpreter:

"It was dark and cold. We were trying to save the last power in our supply. We were unsure as to our future and not knowing if a saving was to happen. The radio was weak. Some men cried quietly. Others were to write last notes to family people. But for lucky sake I had my CD player with many ST disks. Situation Tranquil music helped us to feel powerful. My favorite was "Society of Spit". It is a CD to which I listen often. Its message is hope always. How do you say...I dig these tunes."

Informed of their part in the rescue ST publicist Gary Frey was pleased. "It's what we do."


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A truly inspirational story. Thank you blogspot!!


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