Q and A with Markus K. Elman

Forever in the shadows, Markus K. Elman is perhaps the most important drummer in the history of recorded music. His signature 'Tunnel of Sound' (so coined by super producer Phil Spector) has forged the foundation of many a great Situation Tranquil song.

Today in an ST.com exclusive Markus subjects himself to the rigors of inquisition. Enjoy getting to know the enigma, a man of diverse interests and founder of new fetishes. We present for your approval Mr. Markus K. Elman:

ST.com: Favorite color?
MKE: Dark

ST.com: Last book read?
MKE: "Freezer Meat" by Jeffrey Dahmer.

ST.com: Best part of being a member of the Tranquil?
MKE: Unlimited cigarettes

ST.com: Pet peeve?
MKE: Genocide

ST.com: Lasting childhood memory?
MKE: September 17, 1971

ST.com: Something no one knows about you?
MKE: My true height

ST.com: Brother from another mother?
MKE: Jerry Lewis or Bill Moyers

ST.com: Finish this sentence "If I were king I would...."?
MKE: Force those who disagree with me into servitude to the upper classes.

ST.com: Last ST CD you listened to?
MKE: That's a toughie. I rarely listen to our own material, but if pressed I'd have to say "Monkey Logic for Masters of Chaos" or "Leaping Lizards are Learning Morse code"

ST.com: Favorite vacation spot?
MKE: Lambeau Field in June

ST.com: Sercret KF Nibla has told you?
MKE: That Pandas were a dna experiement in 11,ooo BC by visitors from the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

ST.com: Dr. Trash...boxers or briefs?
MKE: Funny you ask. He's quite fond of styrofoam.

ST.com: Last film you saw?
MKE: Deuce Bigelow...the original of course. The sequal was a disgrace. I can't believe that studio would so dishonor that fine work by releasing such trash.

ST.com: Favorite saying?
MKE: "My nightmares just force me to deny all memories of what my id percieves as false reality unless the voices inside my head were to podcast multimedia renditions of the old testiment to non believers or even those who quetion the validity of knowledge."

ST.com: Any final thoughts?
MKE: I like to play drums


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