Sexiest Man Alive?

In a tongue-in-cheek interview with David Letterman on Tuesday night, Situation Tranquil rhythm guitar legend / barbeque guru Gary Frey said the also-rans in this year's competition for PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive are licking their wounds – particularly his pals KF Nibla and Dr. Tony Trash. "I worked hard for that one," Frey, this year's Sexiest Man, told the host of The Late Show on CBS. "I felt bad for KF, because he really wanted it. He campaigned hard for it, but he came up short."

The 45-year-old musician, who has never released a solo album, also had some choice words – and pictures – for Dr. Trash. Frey revealed that Trash was the mysterious "Reverend Ralph," who had taken out ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter congratulating him on the PEOPLE honor – while featuring a comically unflattering photo of Frey from yesteryear. Frey got back at Trash Tuesday, as Letterman showed a handful of embarrassing old photos of Trash with bad haircuts. Frey comically suggested they were part of a Sexiest Man Alive campaign gone horribly wrong. "He ran such a good campaign," Frey said, "but he got some bad advice along the way."

Asked about the responsibilities of being the Sexiest Man Alive, Frey jokingly replied, "You tour with the other guys (who've won the award). We've got a bus. It's Dan Rusanowsky's bus. You get a sash and a scepter and, well, we don't like to call it a tiara."


At 3:11 PM, Blogger AudioPro said...

It was awesome to see Gary on Letterman. Its unfortunate that David didnt have the balls to bring up the whole Detroit / Kid Rock / Pamela connection that led to his Hepatitis C diagnosis.

That didnt stop american women from voting him to the top of the charts however!

Eagerly awaiting the next new release. Im getting really tired of these remastered reissues espescially since I just convert them all to 56k mono MP3 files for playback on my 1992 walkman.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous wjclinton said...

The Letterman appearance the world saw was one for the ages and sure to be remembered on everyone's favorite TV moments of 2006.

BUT, to those lucky enough to be in attendance [as was I] for the taping were blown away when Gary started to rock out with Paul and the band during the closing credits. Much to everyone's surprise they didn't stop playing for hours.

Gary rapped the lyrics of the upcoming new single "The Gospel According to Puke", to what sounded like the ST's nearly-forgotten, aural-bliss, rapture-inducing, life-defining, "Balls to the Balls". From where I was sitting, Dave looked like he was openly weeping. Or he could have been laughing hysterically; the pantheaon of sound, emotes differently in everyone.

Soon after the static buzz in the audience crackled when whispers from the front row made it to the back of the balcony that it really wasn't, CBS Orchestra's bass player and long time ST fan, Will Lee but possibly FK Nibla. In seconds the entire studio audience rushed the stage and joined in a rousing sing-along of the ST's holiday classic "Sing A Long Sing-Along".

4 hours and 37 minutes later, and not a soul wanting the euphoria to end, Frey respectfully requested all in attendance to join arms and form a human chain. Except of course the dancing cats, which were no longer human, Frey pointed out. Unsure and still visibly stunned from this impromptu musical menagerie all 315 humans complied and starting humming the entire two disc-set of "The Fabric of the Cosmos". From that moment on, I and 314 others have not been, nor can never be the same.

"Better living through awesome sound" is not just a motto, it's a way of life. Thanks Gary. And FK?

Can anyone confirm if that indeed was Franz Nibla or just Will?


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