A New Year...

An Open Letter to Our Fans
by KF Nibla

"2005 is nearly done. 2006 is coming 'round the bend. But before 2006 is here, we must take a look back at 2005. Now 2005 was yet another high water mark for band. And it's all possible because you the fans continue to support our noble cause of rocking out on a near daily basis.

It's hard to believe that almost a year ago we released our 36th CD, "Monkey Breath". February saw the re-release of the silver edition rematered, remaster of the audiophile special release of the digitally enhanced, surround sound, dolbized 6.1 version of our entire catalogue.

You the fans cound not get enough. So we remaster those CDs and upped it to the Gold special edition available only from ST.com.

By late Spring it was time to tour. Like the eagle who returns each year to their nests in craggy high mountain cliffs, we at ST tour. First it was the West Coast of the US. Each city the shows got better. So by the time we got to Fresno we were that much better than the show in Barstow. The highlight for sure was the "midnight rockin eve in Hayward".

From there we had our sights set on Japan and the exotic far east. Like the fury of a distant wind, we created new dimensions for those who showed enough courage to buy a ticket.

Then it was Australia, New Zealand, India, the Middle East and off to Ohio and Kentucky. Yes it was a very good year.

Now we point forward to a new year. What will the future hold? Only the Gods of rock will trully guide us.

Thanks fans for the best 2005 ever!!"


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At 9:22 AM, Blogger jon said...

I am totally sure that mikewarner39887867 aka pennystockinvestment is NOT a true ST fan. A true fan would be requesting more updates at ST, like I am doing..."MORE UPDATES!"

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