On this Date in ST History

November 11, 1988

ST Pommes Frites & M16's Underway!

Baltimore's Civic Arena was the site last night of Situation Tranquil's opening show of their '88 North American Fall Tour. A sellout crowd of 14,445 gave a warm welcome to the band Germans call 'Ubermensch Wunderbar'.

From the opening strains of 'Moneyless Vault' all the way until the droning climax of "Your Mistakes are Right" the band was without technical or emotional fault. The 27-song set list was punctuated by KF Nibla's political rants in which he warned listeners of future problems in the middle east, soaring fuel costs, natural disasters, terrorism, the decline of the mullett, and the dawn of a new sound which he refered to simply as 'grunge'.

The crowd was like putty in his hands as he would end each rant with..."And now on with the show!" That's when the soaring guitars, shimmering synths and tribal drums would take turns changing the lives of those fortunate enough to be within ear shot. So powerful is ST's emotional hold on fans, that the East Coast School for the deaf was even in attendance. Not able to clearly hear the music, professor Dr. Maurice L. Noblong set up a highly sophisticated wave monitor to help his students enjoy the show.

"Believe it or not the wave forms created by ST's music are unlike anything I've ever seen." Wiping tears from his eyes the Dr. elaborated, "It's a beautiful thing. Art in its purest form. My students' lives are forever enhanced."

54 minutes into the show KF started a fire in the middle of the stage in which he forceably combused the shoes of everyone in attendance. "Man must not wear tools of his oppressor. Dig? Live free or die, that's what I say...but I gotta go now. We have a show and book signing in Cleveland." The crowd roared and burned the venue to the ground. No one was hurt.


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