ST: 'Nyet' to Net

Tranquils Make a Stand

Mega Supergroupers Situation Tranquil are fed up. Fed up with having their music available to the world free of charge.

"We have hired council and are in the process of sueing everyone with internet access." said keyboardist extrodinaire Dr. Ivan K. Trash. "I've discovered that this whole 'downloading' thing is out of hand. And it must stop right f-ing now! Understood?"

An informal web search found over 17,000 sites which offer free ST music.

"At first I really didn't mind." offered ST founder KF Nibla. "We saw it as a good thing at the time. You know promotionally sound. You get a taste of the musical sounds we so lovingly compose and then BANG! we gotcha. Hooked like a crack addict at sundown." But times have changed. "Now it's hitting the old pocketbook if you know what I mean and I think you do."

ST has hired L.A. attorney Michael Whitehurst to file lawsuits in over 230 countries involving over 600 million individuals and businesses. "Serious? We are dead serious. Serious as a massive coranary heart attack while stuffing a Patty Melt down the old pie hole serious." said Whitehurst during his late night press conference. "Sure we've got a lot of work ahead of us. But we are dedicated to eraticate the web of ST music right GD now. Dig? I will not rest until people stop taking hard earned dough from the pockets of my good pals Sitaution Tranquil." Asked what his compensation package from the band included, Whitehurst refused to answer.

"I've got a lot of paperwork right now." stated Whitehurst.

the Internet is a world wide network of computers both public and private which share mass amounts of information and until recently free groovy music


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