Mr. October has his say!

They're Not So Great. ST is Overrated.

By Reggie Jackson

"My career in baseball speaks for itself. With the game on the line...I stepped up. My 3 homers in game 6 of the 1977 World Series pretty much show what I was about. 'Mr. October' is what they called me. I had my own candy bar. I made bucketloads of money. Women wanted me, men wanted to be me. Let's just say this Reg-gie, Reg-gie.

I was asked to give my impressions of the rock band Situation Tranquil. So here I am. I've stepped up and I want to say that ST is pure minor league stuff when it comes to music.

I started with the old Kansas City A's. Charlie O. used to say I had unlimited potential. I spend some time in the minors. But before you knew it I was banging big flies out of the old yard in places like New York, Boston and Detroit. The A's moved to Oakland for the '68 season and I was ready to show what I could do. I liked the fastball up and out over the plate. That way I could extend my arms and really drive through the ball.

Situation Tranquil are pretenders. Nothing more. I was the real deal. 47 homers in 1969. I didn't juice up. Didn't need to. Hell I would have hit 100 home runs if I was going to Balco!

The swingin A's they called us. Now that was a team. Bando, Rudi, Rollie and the Catfish...but it was me that made that team go. I was the straw that stirred that drink. We went on to win 3 straight Worlds Championships. ST wimpy white boy band. Nothing more.

I went on to Baltimore for a year but I was too big for Baltimore. New York needed me. I never disappointed there. Sure Billy and I had some disagrements. Thurman and I never saw eye-to-eye and Lou was quite simply jealous.

Situation Tranquil makes crap music. I'm tired of hear how great everyone thinks they are. Changing lives...whatever. I hit over 500 taters! Where's my due? Bring it.

Maybe when these rock and rollers stop staring at their shoes they'll understand how important I was to the game. I recently met Dr. Alyn R. Trash and he's not so great.

I am a winner!!"


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