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Speaking in a recent article publish in 'The Workers' Review' Legendary pianist Jim Sobcook found himself praising situation Tranquil and their now famous website/bog.

Q. Besides practicing and the occasional concert what do you like to do with your time?

A. "I like to spend time in on my yacht cruising the North Sea.
And by the way, I truly enjoyed going through the archives of ST's website/Blog. What a creative endeavor. It's a reality show as is. Every thing up to the tunes. The varied lives, political undertones and tranquil situations are right on. And of course dealing with life's problems one groovy tune at a time. The perfect blend of asceticism, science and mystical mayhem. Can't wait for new album or blog update on my new bookmark."

There you have it. The man has spoken.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger AudioPro said...

Jim Sobcook has played me through what feels like every twist and turn of my emotional roller coaster that is my daunting life. From his pallid soundscapes on "White Lights : the feelings of lovers" to his rocking "Tesh, a tribute" Sobcook steals the words and emotions right out of my mouth. I recall taking my first fiancée to see Sobccok on his “Feeling Like Rocks” tour and while Sobcook can out piano anyone he actually out pianoed EVERY rocker while wearing mittens!!!! I was SO going SO fuckin nuts during that 18minute solo that I must have feinted, when I came to I was in a panic because my fiancée was nowhere to be found. I still have not been able to find her, but listening to Sobcook’s “Charlene” reminds me so much of her, not only was my fiancée named Charlene, but she also enjoyed Pink Chablis, long walks on the beach, a scrumptious quiche and most precious to my heart, she loved Sobcook….

At this point in my life I actually have an interpretive dance to accompany Sobcook's brilliant love ballad, "Give Me Forever (I Do)" which I have ritualistically performed every time I have proposed to a woman. Unfortunately that hasn’t worked out yet, but those are 12 different chapters…

I am such huge fans of ST and Sobcook, and can only dream of the day you both tour together.


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