Tour Cancelled

"Raise Me Up" Bringing ST Down

Former supergroup Situation Tranquil has aborted their experiment with modern Christian rock. Their tour has also been unceremoniously cancelled.

"A huge mistake." said band guru KF Nibla. "I mean the groupies, shall I say lack thereof was disappointing, to say the least. Plus there is very little money in church music."

"I tried to tell KF it was a stupid idea. But he's spiritual and hard-headed. Bad combo." said Dr. Morris R Trash.

Full refunds for unplayed shows will be available at the church of purchase.

ST's next move is anyone's guess.


"Raise Me Up" Tour '05

Band Announces Summer Shows

Situation Tranquil who recently dipped their toes into the "Christian Rock" genre, today announced their upcoming late summer tour of North America.

"We are excited to bring our new sound to our beloved brothers and sisters. We feel pure joy in our music now. No longer are we filled with dark, carnal thoughts. Rather I look around and only see beauty. Darnit! Give me a hug." said ST guitarist and co-founder KF Nibla. "I am very happy to be setting out on this new journey with my close friends."

Reports are ST will be composing their set list entirely from their new recording "Raise Me Up". "The past is gone. I really no longer feel a connection with the old ST." said Dr. Ralph Trash. "Raise me up will prove to be a positive statement no matter where we play. Our fans too can look forward to free coffee and doughnuts, inspirational readings and basically a lot of hand holding with those around you....sorry I'm getting a little emotional."

ST's recent offereing "Raise Me Up" has been universally panned by rock fans and critics alike. "That's not surprising really. It's something new and we forgive anyone who might not understand. I mean love is the answer."

ST will begin this tour with a Sunday morning show at the Fremont Episcopal Church in Fremont, CA. Later a sunset show in Emoryville, CA's New Saints Center will surely get the tour off and running. A complete tour list follows:

August 15 - St Francis Home for Lost Souls - Santa Rosa, CA
August 21 - Her Most Holy House of Forgiveness - Ukiah, CA
August 27 - All Most Holy Saints' Vocational Center - Rockland, OR
Sept 12 - Monument of the Virgin - Okemos, MI