Mr. October has his say!

They're Not So Great. ST is Overrated.

By Reggie Jackson

"My career in baseball speaks for itself. With the game on the line...I stepped up. My 3 homers in game 6 of the 1977 World Series pretty much show what I was about. 'Mr. October' is what they called me. I had my own candy bar. I made bucketloads of money. Women wanted me, men wanted to be me. Let's just say this Reg-gie, Reg-gie.

I was asked to give my impressions of the rock band Situation Tranquil. So here I am. I've stepped up and I want to say that ST is pure minor league stuff when it comes to music.

I started with the old Kansas City A's. Charlie O. used to say I had unlimited potential. I spend some time in the minors. But before you knew it I was banging big flies out of the old yard in places like New York, Boston and Detroit. The A's moved to Oakland for the '68 season and I was ready to show what I could do. I liked the fastball up and out over the plate. That way I could extend my arms and really drive through the ball.

Situation Tranquil are pretenders. Nothing more. I was the real deal. 47 homers in 1969. I didn't juice up. Didn't need to. Hell I would have hit 100 home runs if I was going to Balco!

The swingin A's they called us. Now that was a team. Bando, Rudi, Rollie and the Catfish...but it was me that made that team go. I was the straw that stirred that drink. We went on to win 3 straight Worlds Championships. ST wimpy white boy band. Nothing more.

I went on to Baltimore for a year but I was too big for Baltimore. New York needed me. I never disappointed there. Sure Billy and I had some disagrements. Thurman and I never saw eye-to-eye and Lou was quite simply jealous.

Situation Tranquil makes crap music. I'm tired of hear how great everyone thinks they are. Changing lives...whatever. I hit over 500 taters! Where's my due? Bring it.

Maybe when these rock and rollers stop staring at their shoes they'll understand how important I was to the game. I recently met Dr. Alyn R. Trash and he's not so great.

I am a winner!!"


Let's Get Teched!

ST's KF Explains
the Science behind the Groove

By KF Nibla

Many pods ask me 'how do you guys rock with such god-given intensity?' Well the answer is quite naturally simple in a complex way...science. Science? you say. Of course it is the quiet demon that lives among us all...indeed, science. Through sound we influnce the masses in our conquest to dominate the planet like none before us.

The strings...it's all in the strings. My manual dexterity are the source through which I speak a musical language of compasion. Yes it's all in the notes...some are D others E. A and G and yes sometimes even B. Chords are the soup of notes which I flail into your collective faces. The strings move air which like the souls of lost warriors forever hold their place in time. The air then pushes sound deep inside your heads where small particles of brain tickle your inner child with the war hammer of rock wepondry.

Naturally sonic exploration takes place via electronic wire stringing also. Many plugs are used and electricity is very science-like too in its love for tunage.

So there you have it. I suggest you enjoy the creations we have offered to you.