Opening Act is named for ST's Spring Tour

After much specualtion, Canadian Thrash Metal act "Taste of the Whip" has agreed to open on Situation Tranquil's Northern Hemisphere 'The Gospel according to Puke --2007 tour'

ST teams up with a Legend

Clouds of mercy.mp...

Our heros recently stepped into a Bombay recording studio and much to their surprised they found longtime recording engineer, Gary Myers. Myers was in India to help produce that country's most famous hip hop artist, MC Singh's new CD 'Thank You (very much).

Myers stuck around for an extra day to help the Tranquils. KF told a worldwide conference call audience, "GM rocks. I dig his style....man."

Here's the result of their labor--Clouds of Mercy. This cut will soon be used in the PBS documentary 'Swans in the Grinder'.