S.T. Roster

Situation Tranquil
The Band Members

KF Nibla - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Dr. Greg Trash - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Bongos
Roy "The Wok" Wokosin - Voice, Dishes
Markus K. Elman - Percussion, Concussion
Enos Hair - DJ skills, Guitar, Lawn Mowers
Iggy Burnett - Pan Flute, Banjo, Kettle Drums, Bottles
Gary Frey - Wind Chimes
James Roosevelt Beech (1981-83) - Cage of Symbols
Ken Weeks (1981-85, 87, 89, parts of 92 and 96) - Mouth Organ
Joe T. Wright - Manager, Travel Coordinator, Muse
Debra Durkee-Beech - Wardrobe
Jennette Moore - Set Design, Cook, Groovy Chick
Nancy Baily - Den Mother, Smokes

More from the Doc

Snippets from the Dark Side - Part 2

As the birds blink in the dovetailing light and the gentle wind bends the vast expanse of wheat, Iggy welcomes reality with outstretched arms. The rising horizon fixates his stare for a moment, the descending reddening orange sun captivating as it prepares to land in the shimmering distance. Sound is beautiful now, the comforting upper hand of silence massaging his spirit. Iggy cradles the revolver in his hand, marveling at its chameleon-like penchant for assuming the temperature of any surrounding matter, and looks down. He runs his finger along its barrel, and it feels smooth and soothing.

Markus grabbed Linda's hand as she tried to enter the cave. "No," he said quietly, wiping the sweat from his brow. "No." Linda, demure and polite as usual, simply relented.
"Come on, Elman. My grandfather found that fossil in THIS cave, and I'm so curious!"
"It is forbidden. You know that."
Linda shook her hand loose. "I'm going in there." She stepped again toward the cave. Markus grabbed her arm, more firmly this time, and they struggled. Tears began to drip from her eyes. "Look," she said softly. "I'm not gonna beg you. I must go in." Markus watched a tear roll down her face and stretch across her lips.
"You know the rules." His words were firm, simple. "To break them could change history." As he pulled her back to the trail, he didn't see the knife.
"I am sorry," Linda said, fluidly slashing the front of his neck. Silently, painlessly, Elman slumped to the ground, blood streaming from his throat. Linda didn't look at Markus' body as she ran into the cave and disappeared.
Forty million years later, giant bats search the mountains for food. The mountains are their favorite feeding grounds, for there dwell the sparse, frightened, feeble prey known as humans. And across the planet's surface, all forms of technological civilization, including one business in particular known as 'Time Travel Tours', suddenly do not exist. Of course ST is still huge.

Exhausted concert aftermath
Bowls of chowder and crusty rounds of bread, washed down with steaming mugs of cider
Clots of snow slip off the steep Eastern European rooftops

KF adjusted his tie and stared out the window. Why are breasts so damned fun? he wondered.

Early afternoon weekend traffic. The grey asphalt highway stretches out
like a great lazy snake sunning itself in the summer sun. Several cars
speed along, jockeying for position, yearning to reach their destinations.
DR. TRASH'S black BMW goes a little faster than the flow, hugging the fast lane.
DR. TRASH is tired of driving; he's been at it for a few hours, returning from the gigs in Poughkeepsie, and has had his share of frustrating encounters with assholes on the road.
As he rounds a bend, he sees a black VW Rabbit grow in size before him.
DR. TRASH can't go around because of cars currently on his right; the Rabbit, however, could safely move over and out of his way. It doesn't.
DR. TRASH' BMW steadily approaches the Rabbit.
He can see the driver of the Rabbit check his rear-view mirror. The Rabbit has a female passenger, probably the driver's girlfriend. The Rabbit still does not move over. DR. TRASH moves closer to it. The Rabbit driver looks at his passenger, smiles, checks his mirror. He doesn't budge.
The Rabbit and BMW speed along in the fast lane like insects in a mating dance. The next lane gradually clears.
DR. TRASH sees the clear lane, but sticks to the Rabbit like a fly on shit. All his frustrations are now focused on this asshole in front of him, who should abide by the rules of the road and move out of his way. DR. TRASH could now go around, but not now. He's on a mission. He's going to win this one. The Rabbit driver again checks his mirror... that BMW is much too close...

Ennis runs past the lumbering polar bears to the nearest pay phone, bruised, shivering and out of breath. He grabs the receiver and frantically punches at the keys... Can't believe I escaped, he thinks wildly, tears of relief mixing with the tears of fear, cascading down his flushed, bloody face. My God, why us? Why this? He and Ralph Sims had been walking back to the car, chuckling and grass-stained after mowing lawns in the neighborhood, when they'd suddenly heard thumping bass and a barrage of squeals. Whirling, they'd seen the car coming at them, indiscriminately mowing down anyone and everyone. Men fell wildly, women fell screaming, lawnmowers fell silent. It was all such a blur, it had all happened so fast, it was like a dream... a horrible, terrible nightmare... The car had come at them... Ennis shook his dazed head and jabbed a shaking finger again at the phone, desperate to reach someone, somewhere. Oh God, poor Ralph...

From the Journals of Ken Weeks: I guess I was just tired of it. Nag nag nag for hours on end, and not only did I want to be left alone, I didn't even want her in the same county, let alone cabin. I wasn't attracted to her anymore; any semblance of that affection I once felt for her that I had dimly termed 'like' had long since dissipated. My feelings for her were as dry as an African dog's soupbowl. And the nagging and tailgating continued. I'm not a violent man by nature. You could ask anyone (not her... anyone else).

"I wish you'd start smoking again," Frey grumbled as Wok sang of computers in a deep baritone.

Meanwhile, the S.W.A.T. team moved in on the overly-perfumed groupie. "I can't prove it, but I'm pretty darn sure I have the key to the afterlife," the woman said, spinning her head around in a 360.

Lawn Care is Essential, Brother

“When the going gets tough, the tough get drunk”

So goes the credo long ago established by legendary über-group Situation Tranquil, the internationally acclaimed seminal rock and roll geniusi behind the brilliant landmark albums “Static Love”, “Show Me Your Fusebox”, “Drowning in Time” and the ground-breaking web-cast “Stop Remaining Sane – Live from Pompeii”. This tumultuous party-credo, combined with the ever-constant attention of typically overzealous paparazzi, has over the years individually catapulted each band member slash icon into fortune and success, forays into bacchanalian excess, bouts of ribald and questionable ethical behavior, languorous stints in spiritual rehab, and greasy stints in motor stables.

Snippets from the Creative Life – Part 1

KF prefers to write lyrics in strip clubs, high-class ones, where the women
are knockouts with long legs and low self-esteem. He is inspired by the
low lighting, which makes his laptop screen shine like a beacon of hope, a
warm cabin in a maelstorm of chaotic thought. He can think here, focus
here, in the dark, between the leg-my-crotch private lap dances and nude
onstage dancing by women named after car models.

Meanwhile, in rural West Virginia, Iggy Burnett is working on page 1 of his
first novel. “Hell, shit done worked for Hemingway!” he spits as the
three-legged dog shats near the yellowed refrigerator on old Miss McHenry’s

It is late on a drizzly Thursday when Dr. Trash finally pulls his too-red
rental into the driveway of Elman’s Welsh chateau. He puts the Hertz Rolls
in park, sits back, and takes stock. The house is wide, actually wide, not
just an optical trick of its one-car driveway. Its façade is respectable,
even charming; a handsome house on a pleasant moss-lined
Llandfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrudrobwllllantysiliogogogoch street. The
house has oil central heating with a new boiler, and the property features
not one but two wells. Not bad, thinks the Dr., with a ripple of pride.
Little Elmo has done himself right.

Dateline Baton Rouge: Ennis flips his front porchlight on, and looks out
his window to see a figure at his door. Even in the new moon darkness,
there is no mistaking the man’s rabble-tested jank. Billowy and blunt,
proud, bold and bulky, Ralph Sims stands on Ennis’ front porch grinning
like a goofy pup. His meaty arms fold across his barrel chest, and he
grunts out a “So. Got a lawn needs mowin’?”

Wok awakens with a start. The alarm clock is bleating loudly, and Wok
slaps his hand over the snooze button. He sits up in bed, yawning and
rubbing his eyes. Outside, the wind is blowing fiercely, and the Wokster
can hear the mighty oak tree creaking as the wind whistles through its
tattered leaves. He clambers out of bed and stretches. Suddenly he
remembers - isn't today rehearsal? 3:45pm – he’ll have to hustle to catch
the train to Boeblingen. Wok throws on his fatigue pants, makes his way
down the spiral staircase and brews a pot of der Kaffee. Strong and black,
like the dyed van dyke he wears as testament to his Teutonic heritage even
though he’s Jewish. He pours himself a bowl of Fruit Loops, and runs out
the door. Frau Veitenheimer from next door shakes her head as the
barefoot, shirtless rock god, cereal milk spraying like a flock of
speck-sized pigeons, dashes past for the bus at the corner.


authenticity confirmed by government agencies

Hello Lovelies,

This is a message from wok. This being a very special morning for me, I have chosen it to announce that as of July 2003 I shall be retiring from the music business. In order to pursue a different career. And not have to do this "be on time" thing ever again.

The last recordings I will make will be (believe it or not) a track for Dolly Parton's upcoming tribute album and a track for Dr. Trash / Knarf's forthcoming album of aboriginal chants. These will be recorded in May.

In July we will be releasing a DVD of a live ST in Stuttgart Konigstraße show and documentary featuring tracks from way back like "Jumbo Shrimp", "Atheist in Parochial School" and "Lint" along with supporting tracks fom my personal heroes James Taylor and Saga. The DVD will be entitled "Goodnight, thankyou. You've been an audience."

And so ye have.

I wish here to thank everyone who has been a fan and or supporter of mine over the last twenty two years in the music business (first record at 24, deal at 27. Half o first album wrote when 15). As well as all the people whom I have had the honour of working with. Not least the great Dolly Parton herself!

Thanks to all of ye for a great time and a great education.

I would request that as of July, since I seek no longer to be a "famous" person, and instead I wish to live a "normal" life, could people please afford me my privacy. By which I mean I would like not to have exploition of my self or my name or anyone connected with me by newspapers.

And the settlers on my front lawn, would you please move next door to the Petersons' place. I also mean that (with love) I want to be like any other person in the street and not have people say there is Roy M Wokosin, aka the Wok, aka the god-like mega-Wokster who makes Roger Daltrey look like Aldo Nova! As I am a very shy person, believe it or not.

So I ask with love, that I be left in peace and privacy by people who love Situation Tranquil too. And I hope it doesn' t sound rude. It ain' t meant rude. I am glad that ye are helped by my songs. So help me too, by giving me what is best for me, a private life. And maybe a swig from your flask if you have one, I can always use that, if you have one in that case you can call me Roy. But just for the time it takes for the swigging to occur. After that we don't know each other although I will be thankful even though it may not look like it and I may hit you with my walking stick.

My advise to anyone who ever admires a so called "celebrity" if u see them in the street, dont even look at them. If u love them, then the lovingest thing u can do to show them so is leave them alone and don't stare at them! Or bang on restauraunt windows when they in there... especially if they are tenderly enjoying a fragile souffle.

Although I am not a fan of souffles. Or brussles sprouts. But I like to eat many, many other things served in restaurants that have windows. Anyway, Or make them get their picture taken, or write their names on bits of paper. That's pieces of them - albeit pieces with a potential value on E-Bay - and one day they wake up with nothing left of themselves to give.

Love, peace, and don't 4get to remain sane y'all.

* wok *

A Side Project in the Works?

Breaking News!!
Nitequil...the New KF/Trash project

Reports are sketchy, but reliable sources tell us that KF Nibla and Dr. Trash are working on a new musical project to be called "Nitequil". Apparently the two have enlisted Billy Corrigan and Peter Hook to co-produce the CD.

Details are hard to come by but it is thought that the boys are finally growing tired of the resposibilities associated with Situation Tranquil. KF recently has said so much in published interviews.

"I fucking hate this band and everyone in it. I hate our fans. I hate the music and I hate this fucking fatique jacket!" He told Kurt Loder in a Rolling Stone article.

Stay tuned!

Inside the Mind

A minute with...ST co-founder Dr. Greg Trash

ST.com: Doc, it's been 2 years between releases. Your 2003 CD "Invisible Visions" was panned by fans and critics alike. Now with "Two Wells" coming out later this month. What can fans expect?

DRT: Critics are critics. They like to criticize things. That's why they are critics. Their job is to pick things apart. I think it's fair to say "Invisible Visions" was a good record. I think it was simply misunderstood. Situation Tranquil likes to challenge our fans, our listeners. We expect them to make an effort. I didn't really get it either until we were done recording and I had played the disk 50 or 60 times.

As for our new CD "Two Wells", I'll say this. It indeed rocks with severe authority. This was indeed a labor of love, and sweat, and tears and other bodily fluids that I'd rather not talk about right now. But be it safe to say our fans will enjoy this aural outing like no other.

ST.com: I've had the good fortune to get a pre-listen to "Two Wells" and I was impressed by the song writing and the production. How did you guys approach the process?

DRT: For two years both myself and KF were sequestered in a dingy, run-down Memphis hotel. There we tried to feel the presence of the King. Let's just say we never felt the King's presence, but while we waited we worked out some clever hooks. The lyrics actually flowed really well. I'm proud of of all the songs that made the release. In fact we've got enough for a whole box set. We may do the iTunes thing later.

As for the production. We decided to call in Kevin Archer. He was a guy we had worked with in the mid 80's. Fans may remember his masterful production on "Spanish Flies in France", "Earth to You", and the single "Buy Me". Kevin was working with Radiohead. He had to get out of his contract. But it wasn't a big deal.

We thought we should record on location. It always gets us in a creative mood. KF wanted to rent a submarine and equipt it with some digital recording gear but we had problems getting cleared in international waters. I actually liked the idea. But finally we settled on a mobile facility at Australia's Ayer's Rock.
Prior to the record sessions we rented out SkyDome in Toronto for rehearsals. That's where you get the kinks out. Iron out the rough portions and let the songs trully come to life. We only needed 2 weeks of rehearsals.

Once in Australia, everything just came together. Wok was held up in immigration for a couple of days, but we recorded most of our drum and base tracks. Keyboards came later. Wok is actually an over dub kind of guy.
Kevin Archer was a mad man behind the glass. He would put on his sunglasses, stand on the soundboard and just twist knobs to his heart's content.

The beauty of this record is in the performance. I've discovered deep meditating yoga. I feel calm and focused even when I don't want to (which is a plus). KF is finally over the whole 'nervous breakdown' thing and Gary, Markus and Jimbo all followed directions very well. Once Wok did arrive the magic took over.

ST.com: Where does the title "Two Wells" come from?

DRT: Back in '01 I was feeling trapped by my life. Like lots of people I had stress, worry, twitches, panic attacks, itchy toes, plus my hair was starting to fall out. I consulted my optician and he suggested that I try a lifestyle change. Anyway, I decided to purchase a small farm in Wales. It really wasn't all that great but it did have 2 wells. Which is so much better than having just 1 well.

For the Record

A Chronicle of S.T. Recordings
1981 - Present

Static Love (EP) 1981
Soup of the Gods 1982
Candles Underwater 1983
Up Against the Wall 1983
Leader of Loners: The Real Story (2 LPs) 1984
Esslingen: Live and Ornery 1985
Whine, Women and Song 1986
Working on Vacation 1987
St. Trevor: Lord of the Monks 1988
Pain, Pleasure and the Art of Kite Making 1989
Money is the Motive 1991
Last Will and Testicles 1992
Bell Bottom Bottoms 1993
Silence is the Enemy 1995
At Home in Chaos 1996
Show Me Your Fusebox 1997
Drowning in Time 1998
Firehose of Love 1999
Society of Spit 2000
The Squamisch Chronicles 2001
Larry, Moe, Kurt & Jimi 2002
Pick-up Point Memoirs (17 disks demos/outakes/b-sides) 2003
Invisable Visions 2003
2 Wells 2005

Oh Well, Another ST Masterpiece

Situation Tranquil - Talent to Burn

"Two Wells" reviewed....

This writer recently had the rare privledge to get his hands on a copy of the soon to be released "Two Wells" from rock mega-groove troop Situation Tranquil. In this their 32nd studio recording, ST peels back yet another layer to their complex musical make-up. The ensuing storm of sonic glory is tanamount to sex with a super-model.

Opening the CD are distant sirens for a WWII London bomb shelter. Next the stomping feet and roar of an angry crowd. Then like a spear from the heavens KF's signature shreaded guitar sound pierces the soundscape. This is "Well above the Norm". A song that tears at your soul and begs the question, "Are you Normal?" Vocalist Roy Wokosin's shrieks reflect a man in full control of his power...

"Your Mother hates the life you live
Do you have any money to give?
My Pants are ripped and torn
Wish I was never born
Normal like a leper's cry
Don't think to ever ask why

From here ST wields there hammer into a 14 minute thrill ride to hell with "Thill Ride to Hell". Drummer Markus K. Elman builds the foundation for Dr. Trash to skate his keyboard across a violent chalkboard. KF's (now on bass) thunder reveals his quest...to rock.

"Two Wells" then skreetches to slow march. A Dr. Trash penned acoustic ballet, "Frog Boy" beautifully weaves the story young fears and misguided wisdom. Trash, providing lead vocal for the first time since '99's hit single "Can't find the Lost and Found", offers....

"You were young...played with toys
Never sought to silence noise
Still they called you
Day and Night
Frog Boy, Frog Boy!"

Now like putty in their hands I must hear more. "Two Wells" has me willing to die for the mere asking.

The next offering starts with a 6 minute dial tone...then like a Central Park loiterer, Wok invents a matra for the ages...sound, language, meaning. It all comes together in the epic tune "___?___". Too powerful to even have a title my bladder could no longer contain itself. But carpets can be cleaned. Music like this can change the world...my world...your world.

Finally a single song remains to be heard. Can I stand another eargasm? YES, YES, YES. "Not So Magic Marker", an ode to lost love and new furniture, seeks answers to unknowable questions.

"Two Wells" cannot get into your hands quick enough. Sell all your worldly goods, your soul and your life for this record!


A Day in the Park

Situation Tranquil is proud to announce an agreement with baseball's San Francisco Giants to rename their home field "S.T. Park". Opened in 2000 as Pac Bell Park, the 42,000 seat baseball stadium was renamed SBC Park prior to the 2004 season.

"We are proud to be associated with these rocking dudes." proclaimed part owner Peter McGowen at a midday press conference. "Everyone knows that Pac Bell was lame and SBC sucked. Equally everyone knows S.T. rocks the foundation of life itself."

The ballpark is known as the premier venue in all of major league baseball.

"I dig their sound and now I dig playing here even more." said veteran first baseman J.T. Snow.

S.T. was represented at the San Francisco announcement by legendary keyboardist Dr. Greg Parrish. "This is awesome." he said as his young son Zach clinged to his knee. "Consider this a done deal...now get me a Guiness mixed with a Harp...Pronto."

The Giants currently reside in the depths of the National League's western division.


Fans Speak Out

It instills feelings of peace and harmony.

Tranquility is my favorite word because it creates an image and feeling of calmness, a beautiful scene and absolute peacefulness.
--Christopher Ind

Situation Tranquil
It makes me want to rock beyond my instinctual limits, man.